Hvem er jeg?

My name is Jeanette, and I live in Norway. I’ve been blogging for many years at blogg.no, but decided to transfer to WordPress.

I recently (2015), at the age of 30, decided on a career change. I’ve been in the jewelry/goldsmith business for 18 years, doing everything humanly possible. Everything from going to 3 different schools in Norway and Italy and specializing in stonesetting, to working in a store, being a manager of a store, producing and repairing jewelry in a workshop, working in the headquarters of Norway’s biggest jewelry chain to having my own company.

I started working out and changing my lifestyle in 2013, when my weight reached 93 kg. I discovered the wonders of running, and in the back my mind I slowly started dreaming about a career change into the health/sports/gym/running industry.
In January 2015, I decided it was time. I applied to the Norwegian College of health and nutrition science, and in August I started on a Bachelors degree in Physical activity and nutrition.

This also led me to my new job, I now work part time as a Sales and event manager at Løpeskjørt.no, a Norwegian online store that sells running skirts and everything else you did not know you needed for running. We also sell FlipBelt, the most genius running belt ever made.

I’m part of a running group called TurboTurtles, and we run together every monday. I’ve participated in many races, and in May 2016 I will have a go at 45km at the EcoTrail Oslo.

I run, I golf, I go to the gym, I love to read, I’m addicted to coffee, I bake, and love to travel.

In October 2015 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

This blog will be a peek into my everyday life, I hope you would like to follow me on my journey.